Trickle Bed Reactors: Reactor Engineering & Applications

Trickle Bed Reactors: Reactor Engineering & Applications
by: Vivek V. Ranade, Raghunath Chaudhari, Prashant R. Gunjal

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This book provides a hybrid methodology for engineering of trickle bed reactors by integrating conventional reaction engineering models with state-of-the-art computational flow models. The content may be used in several ways and at various stages in the engineering process: it may be used as a basic resource for making appropriate reactor engineering decisions in practice; as study material for a course on reactor design, operation, or optimization of trickle bed reactors; or in solving practical reactor engineering problems. Facilitates development of high fidelity models for industrial applicationsFacilitates selection and application of appropriate modelsGuides development and application of computational models to trickle beds