FL Studio Guru (Fruity Loops)

FL Studio Guru (Fruity Loops)
English | mpeg4 1280x720 29.97 fps | aac 44100 Hz stereo | 1.5 Gb
Genre: Video Training

FL Studio Guru - Video lessons from offitsalnogo site. Particularly suited to those who use FL Sudio from version 7
List of Lessons
11. Audio Myths Workshop
30. Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)
31. FL Studio on my iPad ...
33. Onyx Ashanti Live from Domino Loop @ MIKZ-Berlin May6.2010
01. Copying Effects Between Mixer Tracks
02. Automap & Find Soundcard Inputs
03. The plugin picker.
04. Using the Mouse-wheel to change Piano Roll note properties
05. Routing Multiple Instrument Channels to the Mixer
06. Audio Recording Playlist Disk vocal recording
07. Edison Loop Recording (External Audio)
08. Manual Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC)
09. Noise Reduction with Edison.
12. Sidechaining
13. Beatmatching in Deckadance, why you should care ...
14. Using the FL Studio Browser
16. Navigating in the Piano roll & Playlist
17. Introducing Drumaxx Percussion Modeling Instrument
18. Dragging samples with a downbeat marker set
19. Friday Nights Remix Contest 2010
20. Edison Harmonic Filtering
21. Finding Sample Locations
22. Interpolation, Sampler Channels & Aliasing
23. Edison Harmonic Filtering
24. Zooming the Playlist (& Piano roll)
25. FL Studio 9.1 Top 10 New Features
26. De-essing
27. FPC Layer Randomization
28. The CPU Meter & Usage
29. Vocal Layering
32. Using the 'Selected' Mixer Track (Recording & Wavecandy)
35. The Plugin Picker
36. Sampling VST Plugins With DirectWave
37. Sampling Reverbs with Fruity Convolver
38. Getting Thump & Punch
40. I've Got The Love (Lady XTC Mix Edit) - DanceHands UpTranceTechno - FL Studio
41. Subscribe to Image-Line - Win Stuff!
44. Multi Input & Output Instruments
45. FL Studio 9.5 Memory Management - 'Keep on disk' updated
47. Using The Manual
48. Vocal Mixing, Compression & EQ
49. ASIO4ALL Setup in FL Studio
51. Newtone Alpha Testing
52. Compression & the Anatomy of Sound
53. Scaling Automation Clips
55. Merge Similar Pattern Clips
56. Copying & Duplicating Things

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