Foxit PDF Reader Portable

Foxit Reader v5.1.0 Build 1021 | 14 Mb

Foxit Reader - a compact and fast program for viewing documents of PDF, not requiring large and therefore slow launching Adobe Reader. Allows you to select and copy text to the clipboard, as well as search by text. If you are tired of what to download PDF-files takes a few minutes and that the documents can be browsed through the graphics are too slow, look at the free alternative to Adobe Reader, the program Foxit Reader. This program has a very small size distribution, and it excludes all those options unnecessary for most users that make program from Adobe, slow and clumsy. All the same basic features preserved: paging file, a quick transition to the desired page, print the documents. Foxit Reader pleasantly surprised by a simple and friendly interface. The program requires no installation, not demanding software and system configuration and can work with virtually all versions of Windows.

"Selecting and copying text contents PDF document
"Search the text of the document
"Convenient library for searching and managing PDF files
"Fast speed printing documents
"Support for javascript
"Support for plugins
"And many other features

"The small size of the file to install
"When you run the program immediately begins to work without loading the company logo, author names, etc.
"Can add to an existing PDF document graphic symbols, selected text, printed text and make notes, and then print or save a document with these annotations
"The ability to convert PDF files to plain text file
"Never connect to the Internet without permission

New features:
"Attractive Interface
"The panel of investment management for attachments in the document
"The new panel of thumbnails of pages of the document
"The new panel sections of the document to control the display of certain content in the document
"Support for metric units
"Auto-scrolling by pressing the middle mouse button
"Support in Firefox

What's New in Foxit Reader 5.1

New Features:
1.For better reading experience with maximized PDF document display area, Foxit Reader supports showing PDFs in Reading Mode that hides the toolbar, navigation pane and status bar, with only the menu bar available.
2.In Tabbed Toolbar Mode, Foxit Reader supports collapsing/expanding the toolbar area to maximize the reading area.
3.To extend the document pane, the Auto-hide Status Bar feature hides the Status Bar during reading and shows the status bar floating at the bottom of the page only when the cursor is moved to the bottom.
4.Provides integration to the social networking sites to satisfy Facebook and Twitter users.
5.Supports Read out loud function.
6.Supports displaying PDF documents in Reading mode or Full Screen Mode automatically when opening PDFs with Foxit Reader.
7.Foxit Reader enhances the text rendering quality to display the text more clearly and neat.
8.Increased performance for reader startup, opening a PDF file, and closing a PDF file.
9.Automatically chooses paper type according to the page size of PDFs when printing.
10.Show the page thumbnails when dragging the scrollbar in a single page display mode.
11.Added the Foxit Reader classic skin.
12.Disabled spell check function in the Typewriter/Form Mode as the default option of the preference.
13.Improved the accuracy of spell check.
14.Moved the comment and attachment pane to be aligned with bookmark, thumbnail, layers and signatures panes.
15.Fixed many bugs and enhanced the performance.