Video Tutorials : Hacking Exposed 4th Edition (series of books)

Hacking Exposed 4th Edition (series of books)
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For those not familiar with the Hacking Exposed series of books, they are not for the networking/security newcomer and delve into the depths of reality hacking, tools and techniques that are actually used in the field.

They show what is used, how to use it and how to effectively protect against it.

These books are a must for any penetration tester, security adminutes or general network/system adminutes that has to deal with security.

Until you really know what is out there and understand it, you cant hope to defend against it.

The guts of the books stay the same, operating systems, networking, switches/routers etc with the addition of a Wireless section and and expansion of other sections that have become more relevant.

Details of updated material

-)--- The latest 802.11 Wireless networking security attacks and countermeasures
-)--- Fully up-to-date information on the latest Windows, UNIX, Linux, and NetWare hacks and countermeasures in the tried-and-true Hacking Exposed format
-)--- New techniques used by todays hacker to pinpoint potential targets ping sweep tools, TCP/UDP scans, traceroutes, whois queries, and zone transfer downloads
-)--- Significantly revised chapters on analog dial-up and Web attacks
-)--- Brand-new coverage of Windows Xp, Windows.NET Sever (code named Whistler), and IIS 5 vulnerabilities like Code Red
-)--- New UNIX material including the latest Format String vulnerabilities
-)--- The latest remote control vulnerabilities in VNC and Terminal Server
-)--- New strategies for preventing untrusted access to SNMP, Active Directory, and NetBIOS/SMB services using IPSec filters, firewalls, and TCP/IP Security
-)--- The most recent techniques for securing and managing Microsoft SQL Server and Internet Clients in networked environments

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