Applied Biological Engineering - Principles and Practice

Applied Biological Engineering - Principles and Practice ed. by Ganesh R. Naik
In T e O | 2012 | ISBN: 9535104124, 9789535104124 | 673 pages | PDF | 41 MB

This book aims to provide an updated overview of the recent developments in biological engineering from diverse aspects and various applications in clinical and experimental research.

Part 1 Computational Methods in Bioengineering
Chapter 1 Efficient Computational Techniques in Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Chapter 2 Computer Simulation and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Tumor Geometry in Radiotherapy
Chapter 3 Frequency-Domain Objective Response Detection Techniques Applied to Evoked Potentials: A Review
Chapter 4 Extraction of 3D Geometrical Features of Biological Objects with 3D PCA Analysis and Applications of Results
Chapter 5 Mathematical Modelling of Gene Regulatory Networks
Chapter 6 Modern Methods Used in the Complex Analysis of the Phonocardiography Signal
Chapter 7 Osteocytes Characterization Using Synchrotron Radiation CT and Finite Element Analysis
Chapter 8 Specific Absorption Rate Analysis of Heterogeneous Head Models with EEG Electrodes/Leads at 7T MRI
Chapter 9 Simulating Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease by In Vitro and Computational Models
Chapter 10 Vascular Stent Design Optimisation Using Numerical Modelling Techniques
Part 2 Biomechanical Engineering Methods and Applications
Chapter 11 Functional Significance of Force Fluctuation During Voluntary Muscle Contraction
Chapter 12 The Influence of Different Elbow Angles on the Twitch Response of the Biceps Brachii Muscle Between Intermittent Electrical Stimulations
Chapter 13 Experimental Examination on the Effects and Adaptation Condition of the Fibula Excision Method Using the Stress Freezing Method on the Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Chapter 14 Motor Unit Potential Train Validation and Its Application in EMG Signal Decomposition
Chapter 15 Role of Biomechanical Parameters in Hip Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head
Chapter 16 Development and Clinical Application of Instruments to Measure Orofacial Structures
Part 3 Biochemical Engineering Methods and Applications
Chapter 17 In Vitro Blood Flow Behaviour in Microchannels with Simple and Complex Geometries
Chapter 18 Electroporation of Kluyveromyces marxianus and Beta-D-galactosidase Extraction
Chapter 19 Physiological Analysis of Yeast Cell by Intelligent Signal Processing
Chapter 20 Protocol of a Seamless Recombination with Specific Selection Cassette in PCR-Based Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Chapter 21 Extraction of Drug from the Biological Matrix: A Review
Part 4 E-Health and Educational Aspects of Bioengineering
Chapter 22 Quality Assessment of E-Health Solutions in Primary Health Care - Approach Based on User Experience
Chapter 23 Psychomagnetobiology
Chapter 24 Study on the Mechanism of Traumatic Brain Injury
Chapter 25 Residual Stresses and Cracking in Dental Restorations Due to Resin Contraction Considering In-Depth Young's Modulus Variation
Chapter 26 Genetic Engineering in a Computer Science Curriculum
Chapter 27 Design of a PC-Based Electrocardiogram (ECG) Recorder as - Internet Appliance
Chapter 28 Implications of Corporate Yoga: A Review

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