ebook-Human Resource Management, 11/e by gary dessler

Human Resource Management, 11/e by gary dessler

Ch 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
Ch 2: Equal Opportunity and the Law
Ch 3: Strategic Human Resource Management and the HR Scorecard
Ch 4: Job Analysis
Ch 5: Personnel Planning and Recruiting
Ch 6: Employee Testing and Selection
Ch 7: Interviewing Candidates
Ch 8: Training and Developing Employees
Ch 9: Performance Management and Appraisal
Ch 10: Managing Careers
Ch 11: Establishing Strategic Pay Plans
Ch 12: Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives
Ch 13: Benefits and Services
Ch 14: Ethics, Justice, and Fair Treatment in HR Management
Ch 15: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Ch 16: Employee Safety and Health
Ch 17: Managing Global Human Resources

Also included are the PowerPoint slides and Learning Objectives for each chapter.



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