Software : Wingware WingIDE Professional v4.0.4 Multilanguage

Wingware WingIDE Professional v4.0.4 Multilanguage

Wingware WingIDE Professional v4.0.4 Multilanguage | 24.9 MB

Wingware WingIDE Professional - This high-quality professional integrated development environment (IDE) for Python.
Wing IDE is an integrated development environment designed specifically for the Python programming language. It provides powerful editing, testing, and debugging features that help reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code. Wing IDE can be used to develop Python code for web, GUI, and embedded scripting applications.

Version 4.0 of Wing IDE Professional includes the following major features:
Professional quality code editor with vi, emacs, and other keyboard personalities
Code intelligence for Python: Auto-completion, call tips, find uses, goto-definition, error indicators, refactoring, smart indent and rewrapping, and source navigation
Advanced multi-threaded debugger with graphical UI, command line interaction, conditional breakpoints, data value tooltips over code, watch tool, and externally launched and remote debugging
Powerful search and replace options including keyboard driven and graphical UIs, multi-file, wild card, and regular expression search and replace
Version control integration for Subversion, CVS, Bazaar, git, Mercurial, and Perforce
Integrated unit testing with unittest, nose, and doctest frameworks
Django support: Debugs Django templates, provides project setup tools, and runs Django unit tests
Many other features including project manager, bookmarks, code snippets, diff / merge tool, OS command integration, indentation manager, PyLint integration, and perspectives
Extremely configurable and may be extended with Python scripts
Extensive product documentation and How-Tos for Django, matplotlib, Plone, wxPython, PyQt, mod_wsgi, Autodesk Maya, and many other frameworks

New Features in Version 4.0
Version 4.0 adds the following new major features:
Refactoring - Rename and move symbols, extract to function or method, or introduce a new variable
Find Uses - Find all points of use of a symbol
Diff / Merge - Graphical file and repository comparison and merge
Django Support - Debug Django templates, run Django unit tests, and more
matplotlib Support - Maintains live-updating plots in shell and debugger
Simplified Licensing - Includes all OSes and adds Support + Upgrades subscriptions

Changes in Version 4.0.4
History in shells operates on whole blocks
Option to filter shell history by entered prefix
Use dynamic analysis for goto-definition in the editor, when available
Auto-editing (must be enabled with Editor> Auto-Editing preferences): * Auto-enter closing quotes, comments, and parentheses, braces, etc * Tab through auto-entered invocation arguments * Apply quote, comment character, or parenthesis to selection
Support # # comments and new block syntax in Mako files
Allow scrolling editor one page below the last line
Refactoring can move symbols to a new file
PyLint panel improvements, including support for version 0.23 +
Commands to copy editor and project file names to clipboard
About 70 other minor features and bug fixes included vi mode improvements